Our Mission

CUBITEK, Inc. is a family owned and managed precision machine shop mainly serving high-tech OEMs in the defense, semiconductor, analytical instrumentation, medical instruments and aircraft industries.
Building on our more than 27 years and hundreds of completed projects, we have built a solid reputation based on consistent high quality and reliability. Both the engineering and purchasing departments of our customers have found Cubitek Inc. to be a key supplier to whom they can entrust their most important projects.

Our objectives are to provide our customers with:
  1. highest quality machine components and assemblies at competitive prices
  2. to accomplish this in a time frame that satisfies our customers' delivery requirements
  3. to stand out in an extremely competitive industry by virtue of our commitment to superior quality, along with our personal and attentive association with our customers
  4. we will continue to excel at making success stories out of every project we undertake, no matter how big or how small

CUBITEK started out in Bay Shore, New York in 1500 square feet of rented space back in October of 1993 with a total of 4 employees, all family, 4 old CNC machines and a few manual machines. Today we occupy our own 12,000 square foot building in Brentwood, NY with 16 full time employees (only 4 of whom are family), 15 CNC machines and those same few manual machines.

We feel that building a team is about choosing the right people and then giving them the tools to perform at their best.

Our goals are simple:
  1. to continue to invest in our company in both time and money to maintain its health
  2. to maintain our client base, and remain small focused on our customers' needs
  3. to continually improve our quality system
  4. acquisition of a 5 axis machine
  5. explore the possibilities of an EDM machine
  6. controlled expansion of floor space to accommodate new equipment
  7. implementation of a Clean Room
  8. update scheduling and planning software
  9. continual improvement through workforce training